Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dark Moon filled with making wishes come true

I don't celebrate the Full Moon with much excitement other than looking forward to the first glimpse in the night sky and take some pictures. I do, however, take full advantage of the light to do Tarot Readings and seek the much needed answers to hard to answer questions. With all the light shining truth on everything, it's my perfect time for that kind of Magick.

But the Dark Moon speaks to me with all the Magick of a darkened night sky when I feel the nightkind watching me and protecting me. The darker, quieter, pulled-inward side of me thrills in all that darker Magick. There are no Tarot readings, or questioned asked. There is no light enough for that. Instead, I pull the nightkind closer to me and ask only for their guidance and the strength to do what needs to be done in the month ahead. New goals or dreams. New wishes to make come true. New possibilities and endless opportunities for the new month ahead. I ask that they keep me focused on those tasks, because I know a good strong breeze will blow and I will find myself forgetting what I was supposed to do.

This purple mosaic-style bulb becomes my light. For one night a month only. The night of the Dark Moon <3