Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Mildew Fairy

The Mildew Fairy shows what is really going on, what needs to change and what we need to take care of. She points to where we need to place our love and attention. She shows us what is unhealthy and we just aren't seeing it. Decrease stuck emotions. Increase fresh thinking! Grab a fresh new outlook on your world.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Practice Looking


Dried Flower Fairy

Collect Happy Thoughts and keep them from fading. Through difficult times, the Dried Flower Fairy flies to your side,shows you a moment and transforms the present. The Magick of your sweetest memories will be worked into your present. #shadowandlight

74 Days


Winged Seer

I will help you see when someone is filled with half-telling truths. Insights will seem to come from supernatural sources. It is as if you have changed sights, you can see further and more deeply within. Flashes of the future, sudden understandings of the past and for telling of the future are yours.  I will protect you while you sleep and follow through on what you now clearly see. Illumination || Victory || Wisdom. Trust your Sacred Sight.

Friday, August 8, 2014

International Cat Day

I grew up with a house full of cats. It started with one, Miki. A beautiful Siamese Himalayan mix that would talk to us and play hide and seek. She was beautiful. Then 2 kittens were left at our back door step. I never knew just how those people knew my mother would take them in… that she was a cat lady, but we welcomed Sonny and Bonnie into our lives. After the Silver Anniversary gift of Alexander, the silver shaded fluff ball worth A LOT of money, the order of appearance for the rest of them is a blur.

It was yearssssssss later, married with the girls and still wanting a cat… my familiar… and the answer was always NO! I regretted not paying more attention, not really enjoying and working with those first cats while I was growing up. I’d probably never have another.

And then Phee walked into our lives. She was a beautiful mess. Most of the fur on her back was gone. She had 2 gaping sores (one on each side of her rear). I was afraid to touch her. She purred and rubbed all over me, still afraid to touch her. I would pet her head and then go wash my hands. I had no idea what was wrong with her. I bought cheap cat food to put out for her, which in turn brought several other cats around lol. Then she started sleeping in the back of the truck in our garage at night. We brought out blankets. She would wander during the day and I was always so afraid she wouldn’t come back. But she would be right back under the blankets at night. Eventually we were allowed to take her to the vet and if she would be ok, we could bring her into the house. I almost dropped over. So, off to the vet she went. There was noting seriously wrong with her, she stopped licking the sores and they healed. She still loves to pull her fur out, but she looks a million times better. She has grown into a beautiful cat.

It’s hard to believe that was 3 years ago.

She is my Magick girl, we do a lot of work together. During our head butts I ask for her help. She helps with my Tarot, she helps with my whispering… she’s there for all of it. She follows me nearly everywhere, sleeps with me at night, hangs out with me during the day. I was lost without her and now I have my beautiful familiar Phee. I am so grateful she walked into our yard, walked into our lives and into our hearts.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Solitude by HannahCombs on Deviant Art

This Summer has been filled with hustle an bustle... not like in past years when everything seemed to be monotonous and stale.

We've been vigilant about doing things with the family, even if it's a day trip to the beach or the amusement park. Spending time with the girls has been a great treasure. And the gypsy in me... all of us... is nourished with those trips, wind blowing through the car windows...refreshing and banishing the yuk as we speed away.

Cheer has been a huge part of my Summer, but it has not totally taken over. I have finally found a balance there.

And I have even found the precious time to do many Magickal things for JUST ME. Lighting candles on the important days or just because. Banishing the bad, drawing in the good. I've been much stronger at Tarot and making sure to do at least a card pull... far more often than I had been. And I've taken up some Witchcraft studying... I do love learning new thing. Or in this case, things I have always known but reinforced through the reading and studying I have been doing. This AirWitch gets caught up and distracted so easily. Studying Witchcraft helps me focus where I know I need to be... building spirituality so that those bigger challenges can seem much smaller. I have been wearing amulets as well and I feel far more protected. I still remember sleeping with a ruby (my grandmother's) in my hand at night to ward of the evil eye from other witches. It's always been with me.

And Phee... she and I have really bonded this summer. We almost speak to each other. Head butts and purrs and a Witch speaking to her Familiar is better than anything I could have ever imagined. The connection I feel with her is beyond Magickal and I love seeing it grow as the warm summer days unfold before us. She truly is a Witch's cat.

I feel somewhat disconnected from the rest of the world of devices and internet... I sometimes feel as though I am missing out on big things and may never catch up with the world. But I have taken the time (when I find that quiet time) to make sure I connect at least with those most dearly loved. Another balance. And I have learned to let it go... if I miss a post or a picture or a comment, so be it. Unplugging is such great medicine.

A little Solitude is good for the soul.

Saturday, August 2, 2014